AI-Powered Document Data Capture

Manual Data entry is Inefficient, Inaccurate and Expensive

Many companies are still using manual data entry to process business documents. This approach is error prone, time-consuming and expensive. OCR image-based templates improve accuracy but they are also expensive to setup and maintain.

Dcap AI

Automate Document Data Extraction with DCap

DCap leverages AI & machine learning to streamline and automate document data capture processing, enabling you to focus on higher value tasks, increase speed and accuracy.

Save time & money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by 95%. Works with documents in any format without manual setup, auto validates the extracted data and seamlessly integrates with corporate systems.


Capture Data from Any Document

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Documents
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Medical Billing Documents
  • HR Forms & Applications
  • ID Cards & Passports
  • Tax Documents

Key Features

Simple Set Up

Template less setup. Just start start training the DCap AI models with your data using SaaS or on-premise solution.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable per document pricing provides a faster ROI.


DCap can be scaled to support high volume and fast processing scenarios.

Capture from a Variety of Document Types

Whether it is images (.PNG, .TIF, .JPEG), scans or digital files (PDF, email, CSV, XLS, ODT) DCap can extract the information.

Integrate into any Software

DCap can be integrated into RPA workflows and corporate ERP systems.

Intuitive UI

DCap state-of-art UI lets you train and publish AI models. Monitor the performace.

SaaS or Private Cloud Solution

Create Real Value In Your Business Processe By Automating Extraction


Responsive image
  • Save time and Cost

    Cloud-option, making it easy to integrate, deploy and customize

  • Fast ROI

    Browser-based works out of the box for instant data capture

  • Free up resources

    Achieves 95% accuracy with constant learning

  • Streamline processes

    Works with documents, not forms, to improve operational efficiencies

Automate data extraction from any document using AI DCap. Try FREE for one week.


  • Reliable – Processing over 5 million pages per month
  • Seamless Integration – DCap makes with corporate system quick and easy
  • Affordable Pricing - Per document pricing (SaaS) for faster ROI
  • Support – SaaS or on-premise solution, round the clock DCap support

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